Why Your Business does not need to be on Facebook

Facebook as is one of the social media platforms that has become prevalent in the recent past and it currently stands out as one of the leading social media platforms. Although it connects a lot of users worldwide and brings them together, Facebook has its own downsides that make it inappropriate for business advertisements. As a new business operator or service provider, it is advisable to consider alternative social media platforms on which you can safely and more successfully advertise your business rather than using Facebook. Here are the reasons why your business does not need to be on Facebook.

Distraction and Interference

Facebook accommodates many users, each with their own activities on the platform. Majority of Facebook users spend time enjoying fun, chatting in a friendly manner and so on. Logging into Facebook exposes you to all these activities and this is likely to distract your core purpose as a business owner on the platform. Similarly, if your employees are using Facebook to advertize your company’s goods and services, it is most likely that they will end up spending more time on their personal activities and fun than the time they will spend on your business activities. This implies that the use of Facebook to promote our business is likely to lead your business astray.

Lack of Automation

Facebook, unlike other online marketing platforms, does not guarantee automatic purchasing of product after viewing. It requires you to attach a link that can direct customers to a different site where they can purchase the product. Additionally, there are very few chances that those who are viewing your product will buy since very few Facebook users log in with an intention of buying products or seeking services. However, there is an alternative where you can buy Facebook shares if you want, although certain brand experts do not recommend that.

Low Rank In Search

Unlike other forms of social media such as YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms, Facebook ranks lower on the internet in terms of search engine. The probability that customers will access your product is very low.

Facebook Jam

As stated above, Facebook is among the leading online platforms in terms of the total number of users. This means that every second, or perhaps every microsecond, several customers from all over the world are advertising their products and services. How sure are you that your product will be accessible to the prospective customers? To eliminate this doubt, better opt for a different online marketing platform.

Lack of Security

One user can open as many Facebook accounts as possible. In the same way, different Facebook accounts can use a similar identity. This is a serious compromise to the security you require as a business person. The potential danger is that your competitor might use a similar identity as yours to demote your business. Hacking cases on Facebook have also grown increasingly prevalent in the recent past. Another person is likely to access your exact Facebook credentials and misuse them on Facebook. It lacks the ultimate security that businesses deserve.


To wrap up, business advertisement on Facebook is generally unnecessary unless there is absolute need to use the platform for this purpose. It is more of a personal platform than professional. The best way to advertise your business would be to use other
online marketing platforms that have minimum drawbacks.

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