How Car Air Conditioners Can Cause An Accident

Hearing news regarding car accidents that are caused by a faulty air conditioner is probably something that is not common. In fact, in some places, it might be unheard of. But, over the years, as the number of car accidents increases, police authorities had found out that some are indeed caused by a faulty air conditioner. In fact, in the US alone, a total number of 500,000 crashes each year are caused by such situation. According to the statistics, 10 to 30 percent of the 5 million crashes that occur are due to drowsy driving.

What Causes Such Accidents?

There is actually only one reason why such accident occurs. All vehicles produce carbon monoxide in their air conditioner. It is because carbon monoxide (CO2) generates combustion within the air conditioning system especially if they are already corroded or old. They will start to accumulate if the car is not properly ventilated. As the amount of carbon monoxide being released increases, the driver often feels drowsiness. This often happens when a driver is traveling on a hot summer day. Because of the humidity, drivers tend to switch their air condition at full blast. Unbeknownst to them, the carbon monoxide level has vastly increased. Once this happens, it makes the driver feel drowsy, making them fall asleep while driving.

Another example, falling asleep in the car while the engine is turned on and switching the AC full blast. Even if it is for a short period, the amount of carbon monoxide being produced increases fast. Since the car is not properly ventilated, it accumulates quickly. The driver will then start inhaling the chemical. As CO2 gets inside your body, oxygen is prevented from reaching your tissues and organs.

What are the Effects of over Exposure to Carbon Monoxide?

Over exposure to carbon monoxide leads to poisoning. Because this chemical gas is colorless and odorless, it is hard to detect their presence. Hence, individuals who are sleeping or intoxicated are the ones who became a victim to it, it’s important to call up air conditioning repair Medina Ohio to repair your ac if you feel there’s an issue. If you are inside the car, and the AC is on full blast, it reduces the intake of outdoor air (OA).

Also, most drivers believe that using recirculated air can help them save money. This belief is incorrect. In fact, the use of recirculated air only increases the build-up of CO2. Hence, the driver and its passengers would start to feel drowsy. You might probably notice when you are on a long drive, and the AC is full blast, once you step out from the car, or if you open up the windows, you feel refreshed. This is because the outdoor air displaces CO2.

How to take Legal Action Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Car manufacturers know the effect of carbon monoxide poisoning, how it started, and its causes. It is, therefore, their responsibility to see to it that such incidents do not happen. In fact, they should establish a minimum amount of OA inside the vehicle when the air conditioning system is at work.

As a buyer, they are not privy to such details. Only a handful knows about such scenarios. The new car owners expect than when they purchase their vehicles, they are in perfect condition, complete with the required outdoor air and proper ventilation. So, if there is an accident involve due to CO2 poisoning, it would mean that the car manufacturers did not conduct proper testing on their vehicles.

If you are a victim of such circumstances, you can seek legal action and demand compensation for damages caused.

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