What to think about before getting a divorce in Singapore

Well, not every story has a happy ending and divorce is a perfect example for that. The relationship is all about how you embrace it; it is not all love, there have to be compromises made, there are certain responsibilities, someone has to back down for the other and more. Thus, if you are thinking of marrying the man/woman of your life, think twice or thrice about before making the final decision and better read this article before proposing to your significant other. Singapore has a very uncanny law about marriages and divorces, and if there is trouble in the paradise, you must not take any immediate step forward. So, what to think about before getting a divorce in Singapore?

1. Your marriage must be at least three years old

According to the Singapore’s Justice System, you must be married to your spouse for at least three years to file for a divorce. Also, you would have to put down the reasons for filing a divorce like you faced exceptional hardships with marriage. Thus, write down a list of all the hardships your spouse has given you.

2. If you are considering creating a melodramatic scene in front of the judge, forget about it!

The divorce cases in Singapore actually doesn’t reach the judge most of the times. Thus, there is a 90% possibility that your case won’t reach the court. So, if you were all in about the dramatic hearing taking place for your case, you might get disappointed. The divorce cases, most of them are amicable in Singapore and things like property division and custody of the child, etc. are decided mutually between the spouses. Only in cases when one party disagrees to other party’s terms and conditions, then only the case is preceded to the court.

3. Did he/she cheat on you? No problem, just prove it.

If you are finding it difficult to live with your better half because he/she cheated on you, you can file for a divorce. However, the cases of adultery are a headache. Divorcing due to adultery can be applied, but you have to prove the adultery. Proving the adultery so that it satisfies the law personals is all up to you and for that, you will have to hire a private investigator. The evidence is what that matters in cases of adultery, and if you fail to provide suitable evidence, then the divorce gets canceled.

4. You can file for a divorce for your spouse’s unreasonable behavior

Here unreasonable behavior doesn’t mean that your spouse is ill or something. The unreasonable behavior of your spouse must be open in a way that there is evidence of that. Like, he/she abused you in front of people and more. Some of the instanced which can be claimed as an unreasonable behavior are as follows;

· Working too long

· Deprivation of sex

· Gambling habits

· Drug addiction

· Refusing to socialize

· Constant late nights

· Violence and abuse

5. If you are thinking you will get what your spouse brought for you, you are wrong

Under the Singapore Judicial Law, those who get divorced have the right to use the assets equally. That means, if your husband bought you a nice handbag for you in your happier times with his hard earned money, he still could claim it after the divorce.

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